You cannot be a Christian unless you forsake all that you own. (Luke 14:33) That’s probably the first thing that is unique about It’s Inside You, and the message we are promoting. Far too many professing Christians think that simply saying a prayer “asking Jesus into their hearts” is sufficient to consider themselves a follower of Christ, and thus entitled to eternal life. But Jesus makes it clear that more than just saying a prayer is required to truly be one of His disciples, i.e. a Christian. (Acts 11:26) Even though there is virtually no one preaching such a message in the world today.

Video by “A Voice in the Desert” exposing the problem with counterfeit love in the world today.

Furthermore, a Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said that if we loved Him, we would obey Him (John 14:15); and He questioned why people called Him “Lord”, without doing the things He said. (Luke 6:46) Far too many churches and individuals justify disobedience to the teachings of Christ on the basis of false grace teachings, which essentially make obedience irrelevant to our salvation. This is simply not true, not scriptural; and is leading many souls on a path to hell. Don’t let this happen to you!

If we truly believe Christ, then it will show in the way we live. We will bring forth “proof” of the faith we profess with our lips. (Acts 26:20) If that’s not happening, then any claims people may make about what they believe need to be seriously questioned.

It’s Inside You is here to encourage people in Christ. We want to help you with practical advice on how to apply the teachings of Jesus in the modern world, and encourage you to keep on with that vision even when “the going gets tough”. If that’s something you’re interested in, then stick around, as I believe you’re in the right place.